9. Alternate Building Inspection clause

(a) If the Buyer is not satisfied with the building report then the Buyer shall notify the Seller in writing (“the Notice”) by 5.00 pm on the building inspection date of the defects listed in the building report with which the Buyer is not satisfied. If the Buyer does not given the notice as aforesaid then the Buyer shall be deemed to have obtained a satisfactory building report.

(b) The Seller shall within one [1] day(s) of receiving the notice notify the Buyer in writing that:

(i) It is prepared to rectify the defects prior to completion whereupon clause four of the Terms of Contract shall be deemed to be satisfied; or
(ii) It is not prepared to rectify the defects whereupon this Contract shall terminate and all deposit monies shall be refunded to the Buyer in full.

Any works to be undertaken by the Seller pursuant to this clause shall be carried out in a proper and workmanlike manner prior to completion.

(d) Clause 4.1 of the Terms of Contract does not apply.


[1] number of days for Seller to determine whether it is prepared to rectify the defects or not