50. Buyer To Shorten Cooling Off Period

THE Buyer must instruct solicitors to prepare a Form 32a Lawyers Certificate shortening the cooling of period to [1] business days from the date of contract and providing same to the Seller within [2] days of the date of contract. The parties agree that this is an essential term of the contract and should the Buyer not provide the form 32a by the due date then the Seller may elect to:-

1- Affirm the contract and proceed;
2- Terminate this contract by way of written notice to the Buyer, in which event the contract shall be at an end and all monies by way of deposit to be refunded to the Buyer; or
3- Exercise such other rights as are contained in the standard terms and conditions of this contract.

[1] number of days cooling off period is being shortened to.
[2] number of days to provide the Form 32a