22. Contract subject to registration of transmission by death

Completion of this Contract is conditional upon registration at the Department of Natural Resources of a Transmission by Death in favour of the Seller in the Seller’s capacity as personal representative/devisee by [1]. The Seller agrees to take all such steps as expeditiously as possible as may be necessary to effect the lodgement in the Department of Natural Resources of the Transmission by Death. If the Transmission by Death has not registered by the aforesaid date then the Buyer may by notice in writing to the seller terminate this Contract of Sale whereupon all
monies paid by way of deposit or otherwise shall be refunded in full.

[1] date registration required – allow 2 – 3 months from lodgement of Transmission by Death.

NOTE: The date for completion of the Contract should be “21 days from notice by the Seller to the Buyer that then Transmission by Death has registered at the Department of Natural Resources.