19. Subject to settlement of a contract that already exists on buyer’s property where seller wants buyer’s contract unconditional by particular date

Completion of this Contract is conditional upon the Contract executed by the Buyer with respect to the Buyer’s property situated at [1] becoming unconditional by a date no later than [2] and thereafter being completed by a date no later than [3]. Should the Contract of Sale as aforesaid not become unconditional by [2] or if the sale is not completed by [3] then the Buyer may by written notice to the Seller terminate this Contract in which event all monies paid by the Buyer by way of deposit or otherwise shall be refunded in full.

“The Seller agrees that, should the date for settlement of the prior sale contract be extended under a contractual right of extension contained in the prior sale contract the Buyer may extend the due date for satisfaction of this condition by an identical period. This right may be used multiple times. Such extension may happen one or more times provided the full length of any extension under this right is not more than 5 business days.


[1] date of Contract
[2] address of other property
[3] date for settlement of other property