First and foremost, there is no requirement that you must appoint a solicitor or conveyancer to handle the matter. That being said, our day, just like yours, can get busy. The difference is, our day gets busy making sure peoples contracts are administered properly and no steps are missed in the process. So what are the top reasons for appointing a Conveyancing Firm to handle your matter:-

1. We are professionals in the field

With decades of experience and tens of thousands of matters settled, we know the steps that need to be taken and when. Missing Key dates and not providing documents or information in a timely fashion are some of the keys reasons self-actors find themselves in breach of Contract and exposed to a significant and substantive legal risk. Your legal representative will make sure that this doesn’t occur.

2. Document preparation.

Any property transaction comes with unique documents to be prepared and completed that can, sometimes, be overwhelming if you are not familiar with them. Your legal representative will know these forms cover to cover, from how to prepare them, all the away to what must be done with them, by when and by who. This knowledge can ensure settlement occurs in a timely fashion without errors. And that nothing is missed that may cost you more to correct in the future.

3. Costs

Yes there are costs to using a law firm to handle the conveyancing, but typically they are the smallest cost in the whole process. Whilst prices range based on what you are doing and the services of the Firm retained, they are typically less than half a percent of the contract price. When you consider that this is one of the biggest assets you will ever own, it makes sense to entrust it to someone who does it everyday.

4. Searches and Technology

As with every field and profession, changes in technology can streamline process’ and minimise the chances for things to go wrong. At Conveyancing Connection we embrace these changes to keep people informed of developments in their matters, undertake searches in a quicker time and ensure settlement can occur with minimal risk of delays.

Ultimately, any person can complete the conveyancing process themselves but, with the breadth of experts in the field, why would you want to risk one of your greatest assets.